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It seems like yesterday I was spinning out blocks of  C++, Turing and LISP code at the University of Toronto’s Computer Science lab. It was a squat little bunker of a building nestled in the heart of the downtown campus. It is in this place that I clearly spent too many of my post-secondary school years. The place was brimming with great young minds– many of whom had the socal skills of an Easter Island moai so naturally I fit in well. When our hunger finally overpowered our ability to think straight we would leave the lab to forage. This usually meant we would hit up the “street meat” vendors on St George street. I can still taste the horribly greasy Chinese food we would buy from the back of a truck. If I was served this crap today I wouldn’t even donate it to landfill. The air in the lab was stale, the lighting was horrible and we all did not shower as much as we should have.  Despite all of this I knew I was in the right place. Here I was able to take software from a high-school hobby and turn it into my life’s work. To this day I still get a charge when I get the chance to write even a few lines of javascript or SQL.

I left UofT with limbs and ego intact and launched a career in software.  Spanning thirteen years (and growing) in the software industry I started out as a lowly tester on a great team. Through a combination of good people, opportunity and hard work I have been able to evolve myself. I have experience across the board: from development to marketing, from system consulting to Product Management. Enterprise Content Management has been the backbone of my career and, with the exception of a few notable sabbaticals in CRM, I have developed some opinions along the way.

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